Crystal Visions, Inc. Packaged Ice Melt 

Royal Blue Halite (5°F)


  • Natural rock salt mined from the earth and placed straight into a yellow bag
  • Unique Blend of large and small Sodium Chloride crystals
  • Small crystals provide quick melting capability
  • Large crystals = long lasting protection
    • **Now dyed royal blue and treated with an anti-caking agent**

Sizzle Lite (-16°F)


  • Quick burn and long-lasting performance
  • Violet colored blend for improved visual spreading
  • ASTM-1 Grade Rock Salt treated with Calcium Chloride, Organic Carbohydrate and a Corrosion Inhibitor coating.
  • Efficiently melts snow and ice away down to -16 degrees.​

Lightning Premium Ice Melt® (-20°F)


  • Reduces application rates up to 50%!
  • Quick burn and long lasting performance
  • Aqua colored blend for improved visual spreading
  • Premium sized sidewalk salt crystals treated with Magnesium Chloride, Organic Carbohydrate and a Corrosion Inhibitor coating.
    • **Organic Carbohydrate acts as a lubricant which allows for free flowing through spreaders
  • Lowest operating temperature liquid on the market.
  • Safer for pets, sidewalks, plant and equipment!

Sizzle Professional Ice Melter (-25°F)

  • Premium dry blend consisting of a 10% calcium chloride pellet and premium sized salt crystals
  • Visible ice melting blend is lavender in color, providing easy visibility and lowering your risk of over application
  • Quick burn allows for advanced melting stages during extreme cold and harsh weather




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