Thunder Melt

With increasing environmental concerns, heightened costs, and safety needs, Thunder Melt has the ability to meet these requirements and drastically change you and your company’s future. Thunder Melt’s specialized treatment of Calcium Chloride and a bio-based agent, allows for reduce application rates, ultimately reducing costs and the damaging effects of salt, while still melting snow and ice faster and lasting longer than competing products.

Customer Testimonial

Kane County Division of Transportation (KDOT) use of Thunder Melt enhanced deicer


"Like many other municipalities, KDOT is constantly looking at ways to improve its snow removal efforts. Deicing products have played a big part in that improvement. For around 12 years KDOT has been using an enhanced salt. For the 2010/2011 winter season KDOT used Thunder Melt enhanced salt. Enhanced salt has many advantages ; the convenience of having it delivered “ready to use”, no extra equipment needed to apply over using just plain dry salt, the residual effects, extreme cold weather performance, less bounce during application and less corrosive on the equipment. Thunder Melt meets my expectations and proved its effectiveness as an enhanced deicer."


Bill Edwards
Maintenance Superintendent
Kane County Division of Transportation

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