Lightning Bulk Treated

Lightning bulk treated is a high performance pre treated product made with our specialized blend of magnesium chloride, corn carbohydrate and a corrosion inhibitor. Lightning bulk treated has become one of a kind in the market and continues to help contractors reduce their chemical usage by up to 50%.

Features & Benefits


  • Lowest operating temperature liquid on the market
  • Works to temperatures as low as -20˚F
  • Immediately activated as soon as the product hits pavement
  • Will not clump or freeze at low temperatures
  • Remains free flowing and allows reduced bounce and scatter when spread
  • Mixed in our state of the art mixer allowing for evenly spread treatment on all crystals
  • Bright aqua color for improved visual spreading
  • Quick burn and long lasting residual effect

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What's New

New treated products that can cut your salt costs by 50%!

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